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Mohammad Fasunki
Mohammad Fasunki was born in 1943 in Tabriz. This artist is known as a painter, sculptor and art teacher. At the beginning of his artistic career, he studied at the music conservatory for seven years. He then decided to continue his studies in the field of painting and in 1963 he went to Mirek Academy of Visual Arts in Tabriz. In 1967 he went to Germany and then Italy to continue his studies. He studied sculpture for a while at the University of Fine Arts in Rome and then returned to Iran. Acquaintance with the styles of impressionism and expressionism in Europe had a fundamental impact on the works of Mohammad Fasunki and made this artist form his unique artistic language. In his works, focusing on the human subject, he uses all visual possibilities to express moods, emotions and feelings, and in creating his portraits, he looks at humans with a different perspective and sees human evolutions in a different way. Forms and boldness in using colored lines and spots are the most obvious features of Mohammad Fasunki’s paintings. Mohammad Fasunki is a member of the Berlin Association of Painters, the Board of Directors of the Visual Arts Association and a lecturer at many higher education centers in Tabriz. So far, he has presented his works in many group and solo shows.