Ahmad Aryamanesh was born in 1968 in Hamadan city. He is a calligrapher, painter and the creator of Karishma and Safir calligraphy.He has a master's degree in the field of urban planning management and is an official professor of Iran Calligraphers Association.

He started his artistic career in 1981 by learning Nastaliq calligraphy and in 1987 he received the distinguished rank of calligraphy from the Iran Calligraphers Association. Aryamnesh studied under teachers such as: Yadullah Azarpira, Ahmad Timuri, Abdullah Faradi, Gholamhossein Amirkhani, Jalil Rasouli, Ali Shirazi and Javad Bakhtiari.

So far, he has participated in 200 group exhibitions and 20 solo exhibitions in different countries, and in addition to creating works of art and teaching, he has also authored books.

This artist has also created a collection of works combining calligraphy and photography, in which he used light in a dark environment to create calligraphy and works, and by presenting his innovative lines, Charisma and Safir, on canvas as calligraphy.

His works have also been presented in the Tehran auction.Aryamanesh's work style, according to himself, is divided into two categories, traditional and modern. In the traditional category, the audience faces the classical beauty of Iranian calligraphy; But in the category of modern works, the audience is more concerned with human states manifested in forms.

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ahmad ariamanesh

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Acrylic on canvas