Ebrahim Faraji (1938-2004), a painter and filmmaker who graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, learned painting by participating in the extracurricular classes of the faculty. He first exhibited his paintings individually in 1965. After that, he participated in several group exhibitions.

The influence of the cinematic view can be seen in the subjects of his paintings. Faraji's view of painting was very different from the common trend of those years, namely Saqqakhane painting. In some periods of his works, he experiences the issue of geometric form and flat colors and deals with the subject of still life, but portraits are his main works. More than anything else, Faraji painted her own face more than anything else.

After the revolution, instead of artistic work, he worked in government jobs and took over the management of Kamal al-Molk Conservatory for 15 years and worked for many years as an expert on art affairs and conservatories in the Ministry of Culture and Guidance.

آثار این هنرمند

ebrahim faraji

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Oil paint on canvas