Shamsuddin Ghazi was born in 1362 in Shiraz.

He has a bachelor's degree in graphics and a master's degree in painting from Soura University and is a designer, painter, sculptor, illustrator, graphic artist, composer and singer.

Using indigenous, national and religious symbols and elements and combining them with the contemporary art of the world, examining the views of the past traditional and national arts of Iran in terms of form and concept and contemporizing and comparing their views with contemporary art, reconstructing and re-creating the myth. Iranian symbols and national symbols in all periods of different governments in Iran (before Islam and after Islam) and updating them in contemporary art is one of the characteristics of his works.

آثار این هنرمند

Shamseddin Ghazi

CODE : ZG1SG100X70U01

ترکیب مواد روی مقوا