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Mohammad Ali Targhi Jah
Mohammad Ali Targhi Jah (born in 1943 in Tehran) is a modernist and self-taught Iranian painter. He studied mechanical engineering, but left engineering to pursue his dream of painting. Receiving the gold medal of the art competitions of Iranian universities in 1967 encouraged him to continue this way. His works entered the international art circles and appeared many times in the important art centers of New York, Tokyo, Delhi, Beijing, Paris, Zurich, Stuttgart, etc. In 2017, the International Museum of 21st Century American Art (Timotka) displayed his works as a representative of Iranian art. Some of his works are kept in important art centers of the world, such as the American International Museum of 21st Century Art, the Sharjah Museum of Modern Art, the Rotterdam World Museum, and the treasure of the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art. 1971 mental and modernist tendencies appeared in his paintings. In the 1981s, he consolidated the stylistic characteristics of his works and achieved a unique visual world. It was during this period that he established his famous abstract horses, which were derived from the prototype of the horse in Iranian painting, in his works. After many years of continuous artistic activity, Mohammad Ali Targhee Jah died in 2009 at the age of 67.