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Mohammad Hadi Fadavi
Mohammad Hadi Fadavi, born in 1338 in Arak, Iran, is a distinguished graduate in Persian literature. As a painter and cinema set designer, he holds memberships in the Iranian Painting Artists Association and the Iranian Film and Series Designers Association. Fadavi’s artistic endeavors reflect a harmonious blend of ancient pottery motifs, Iranian miniatures, and contemporary art, employing techniques and colors such as turquoise, Persian blue, green, and soil colors. His oeuvre is distinguished by a profound emphasis on imagination, a fundamental pillar that underpins his creative expressions. Fadavi has showcased his works in a multitude of domestic and international exhibitions, including notable events such as the 2015 exhibition in Genoa, Italy, the Contemporary Art Exhibition, and the National Biennial of Contemporary Painting by Iaren Mogudi in Asfand 86. Additionally, he has actively participated in various art expos. Fadavi’s artistic journey extends to solo exhibitions held at renowned venues, including Arsha Gallery in 1373, Sadr Gallery in 1377, Karnameh Gallery, Nar Gallery in 1388, and Art Center in 1393, further solidifying his presence in the realm of contemporary Iranian art.