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Arman Yaghubpour
Arman Yaghubpour, a painter, was born in 1970 in Borujerd, and after entering the Faculty of Fine Arts and studying painting, he continued the field of art research at the doctoral level. So far, he created nature in a minimal way in visual art, and now he is known for his distinctive look at nature.Natural landscapes (green fields and rows of trees in Tabriz) and rural contexts (thatched dome houses) are his favorite subjects. Yaghubpour puts thick layers of color together and in fact, color is the most effective factor in creating his works.He has held more than 100 exhibitions and is one of the best-selling artists. Yaghubpour spent 4 years researching the factors affecting different readings of nature, and as a result of these investigations, he reached simplicity and focus in aesthetics. Also, this artist is a member of the Board of Directors of the Faculty of Fine Arts and the Association of Iranian Painters.