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Alireza Asanlu
Alireza Asanlu was born in 1974 in the city of Ray. Like other artists, he discovered his talent in the field of art, especially painting and sculpture, from his childhood, and in pursuit of his growth and excellence, he was present in art wherever he could learn. His interest in art in the figurative field caused He was able to study art academically in this field for more than ten years with famous professors and created outstanding works. In the field of painting, drawing and sculpture, he has had more than ten individual and collective exhibitions, none of which have been presented for sale, and the artist’s emphasis on value themes, that is, life as the main subject and man, the most excellent character to deal with, and the fruit of this The effort has been three individual exhibitions of drawing and painting. In the field of sculpture, his most prominent works are conceptual figurative sculptures with a unique expression. In the continuation of her activities, Alireza Asanlou deals with social, human and life issues in the contemporary environment.