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Talieh Kamran
Talieh Kamran is a painter, writer, musician and poet born in 1930. He has used geometric shapes in his paintings. His father was into painting and his mother was into music and painting. As a teenager, Kamran seriously studied painting with Shokouh Riyazi and moved from expressionist to abstract-figurative painting.She has also participated in many domestic and foreign exhibitions. After studying art in Rome and Paris, Kamran made his first appearance in 1962 for the third Tehran Biennale. After the exhibition of these works in 1978, Kamran’s professional presence in the field of painting suffered a long break. Simplification and minimalism in the design of figures are among the signs of Kamran’s works. The owl is a widely used symbol in Kamran’s avant-garde works. The woman and the bird are imprinted on a background of black and white colors in the conceptualist paintings of Talia Kamran. In 1996, Kamran once again exhibited a series of his paintings, and owls and cars were the subject of this series of his works. Until January 2021, Talia Kamran’s works have appeared in domestic and foreign auctions 4 times and 100% of his works have been sold in international auctions. She passed away on March 24, 2016.