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Reza Mafi
Reza Mafi, born in 1943, is a painter, calligrapher and one of the pioneers of contemporary Iranian art. He is one of the first artists who created calligraphy in the contemporary period. He was born in Mashhad in an artistic family, his older brother, Mohammad Mafi, was a painter and engaged in visual arts. Reza Mafi picked up a pen since childhood, then learned calligraphy from Jalaluddin Etzadi. Then, in 1964, he continued to learn calligraphy from Hossein Mirkhani at the Iran Calligraphers Association. Reza Mafi was influenced by the Saqakhane school and tried to bring his calligraphy works closer to painting. The display of his calligraphy in the Sihoun Gallery attracted a lot of attention, because he presented traditional calligraphy in the form of modern painting for the first time. He also produced large and prominent works due to his interest in plastering mosques. He passed away in 1982.