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Over time, customs and habits pass, and people’s beliefs change and they think

differently of many things. But never is the heart of man altered.

– Sigrid Undset

Hjalmar Hagelstam (b. 2001) is a classical painter and sculptor, who has studied

sculpture at the Florence Academy of Arts end painting under the world-renowned

artist Odd Nerdrum in Norway. Alongside painting Hjalmar has taught sculpture at

Ateljee Espoo. Hjalmar derives inspiration to his works from the Old Masters such as

Rembrandt and Tiziano, as well from newer Greats, such as Andrew Wyeth and his

teacher, Odd Nerdrum. Themes such as timelessness, drama build around human

destinies and liveliness are at the core of Hjalmar’s works.


This exhibition is about timeless stories and themes – those that we can never let go

  1. Those to which human beings are chained from their birth and through which the

course of his life is decided for him. The works in this exhibition indeed touch these

topics as they take us through heartbreak, deceit and death. It is, however,

reasurring for us to see our life reflected in art – en experience that may help us see

ourselves in the wider perspective, touching something beyond all that is constantly

changing, the eternal nature of man.