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Mohsen Kiani
Mohsen Kiani was born in 1349 in Shiraz. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in painting from Isfahan Art University and a master’s degree in painting from Tarbiat Modares University. After that, he went to England and received his doctorate and post-doctorate degrees in the field of architecture from the University of Birmingham. Mohsen Kiani was the first prize winner of the specialized festival of visual arts in 1377 and after that he received several awards from the Birmingham City Council and the Royal Art Institute of England. His works are exhibited and preserved in prestigious museums of the world. The result of Mohsen Kiani’s PhD research was a book titled “Baluchistan: Architecture, Handicrafts and Religious Symbols” which was published by Oxford Publishing House in 2015. Mohsen Kiani’s researches in the field of multiculturalism had a great impact on his artistic works. His works are inspired by Iranian painting and are created according to myths. As the painter himself states: “In my works, I used our own modern style and mythological art, along with the theme of portraiture and coffee house painting. I don’t like to show western abstract art in Iranian art and somehow I wanted to go back to the roots of our art and have my works have an oriental and Iranian flavor. Since the line element is seen a lot in these works, maybe they have a sense of narrative.