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Homayoun Salimi
Homayoun Salimi was born in 1948 in Tehran. He is one of Iran’s modernist artists who is known for his abstract paintings. In 1965, he entered Tabriz Fine Arts Conservatory. After completing this course, he traveled to France to study painting at Buzard Paris. After receiving a master’s degree in aesthetics and a doctorate in aesthetics from Sorbonne University in 1991, he returned to Iran and started his teaching activity by becoming a member of the faculty of Tehran University of Arts. The first period of his paintings had a mood close to painting, but he gradually moved towards pure geometric abstraction under the influence of Iranian architectural features. Three principles, that is, harmony, balance and simplicity, in his view, are the elements of ideal aesthetics that he tries to achieve by searching for a completely free and liberated condition and reach peace through this path. This harmony emerges through the repetition of geometric rhythms, rhombus forms, stars, rectangles and squares and overall composition. His skill in using acrylic prevents the dominance of the geometric basis of the composition and gives a painterly and dynamic character to his works. His works have been displayed in the form of individual and group works in Iran and abroad.