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Hamed Sadr Arhami
Sadr Arhami’s paintings belong to the category of neo-surrealist art. Sadr Arhami’s works are obviously indebted to the legacy of artists such as Salvador Dali and René Magritte; Although in some of his paintings, he tries to create a link between the traditions of Iranian art and modern painting methods by adding formal elements of painting. This point also puts him in the category of neo-traditionalist painters. This contemporary painter was born in the city of Isfahan. Sadr Arhami was in charge of Mehrfam group of painters for some time and was a member of Image art group. In 2009, a documentary film was made about the life and works of this artist. In 2013, his works were also displayed in a group exhibition titled “Neoclassicism” in Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts. The first appearance of Sadr Arhami’s works in auctions took place in June 2010 in the third period of Tehran auction. His works have appeared in domestic and international auctions a total of 5 times until 2021, and 100% of his works have been sold. The most expensive work of this artist in the auctions until 2021 was hammered at the price of 37,500 dollars at Christie’s auction house (contemporary and modern Turkish, Iranian and Arab art) on March 27, 2013. And it is interesting to know that Sadr Arhami was the youngest artist participating in the 18th Christie’s auction and his work was sold for three times the minimum estimate.