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Aydin Aghdashlu
Aydin Aghdashlo (born on November 8, 1940 in Rasht) Education: Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran Aydin Aghdashloo is an Iranian painter, designer, graphic artist, writer and teacher. He has played an important role in gathering the arts of Iran and the world and was the organizer of many exhibitions after the revolution in Iran. He was also involved in the establishment of Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art and Reza Abbasi Museum. After the revolution, Aydin Aghdashlu is considered one of the most famous painting masters of the third generation of modernist Iranian painters. Aghdashloo was the first head of the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art for a short period of time at the beginning of its opening, he opened the Reza Abbasi Museum in Tehran and became the first head of the museum until 1978. Between the years 1976 and 1978, Idin Aghdashloo helped to open and set up the museums of water and clay and contemporary arts in Tehran, and the museums of Kerman and Khorramabad. Aydin Aghdashlo has held only two solo exhibitions so far. His artworks are known for showing the idea of ​​gradual death and destruction, as well as recreating famous classical works in a modern and surreal format. His collection of memories of destruction and years of fire and snow are among the most important works of Aydin Aghdashlou. Some of Aydin Aghdashlou’s paintings are kept in the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, and most of his paintings are in private collections.