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Ali nedai
Ali Nadai was born in 1336, Abadan and has a master’s degree in painting from Tehran University of Art. Nedayi started drawing and painting in 1362 and from the time he entered the Faculty of Arts. He is a member of Iranian Painters Association and has more than 20 years of teaching experience in Iranian schools and universities. He has done many studies on body anatomy and facial expressions, and in his works, humans, animals, myths and epics have a special place. In the 70s, along with artists such as Masoume Mozafari, Ahmad Murshidlou, Ahmad Nadalian, Mehrdad Mohib Ali and Ahmad Vakili, Ali Nedai formed the 30 art group, which was the first art group after the revolution and played a prominent role in the evolution of contemporary Iranian art. He is one of the prominent contemporary designers and painters who has held more than 30 individual and group exhibitions in Iran, America, France, Italy, Japan, Armenia, Jordan, Oman and Turkey.