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Georgy B
Georgy B. is an accomplished plein air painter who began his serious engagement in visual arts in 2019 under the mentorship of the esteemed artist Konstantin Zaviralin ( With a strong foundation in traditional techniques and a passion for capturing the essence of his surroundings, Georgy quickly developed a unique artistic voice.

In 2020, Georgy embarked on a transformative journey by relocating to a remote northern Russian village. Over the course of three years, he immersed himself in the rugged beauty of the region, dedicating his time to the creation of the “Sun of the North” series. This body of work reflects the profound connection between the artist and the untamed landscapes that inspired him.
Preferring to work en plein air, Georgy’s artistic process is an adventure in itself. Each painting session becomes a dance with the elements—wind, snow, rain, and midday heat—all contributing their unique, unmade marks on the canvas. This approach infuses his work with an authenticity and vitality that is palpable to the viewer. His paintings are vivid narratives that capture the spirit and soul of the northern wilderness.
Now 26 years old, Georgy has embarked on a new chapter of his artistic journey. Currently residing in Sri Lanka, he is working on a new collection titled “Sun of the Jungle.” This series aims to capture the vibrant and lush landscapes of South Asia, creating a stark and compelling contrast to his earlier works from the northern village. The juxtaposition of these two collections is intended to be exhibited together, offering viewers a dynamic and contrasting visual experience.
Georgy’s dedication to painting from life and his ability to convey the raw and unfiltered interaction between nature and art have garnered him acclaim and a growing audience of admirers. Through his work, he invites viewers to experience the majesty of the natural world in its purest form, offering a glimpse into the serene yet powerful landscapes that continue to inspire his creative journey.